Corel Draw Duplicate Feature


Duplicate Feature – Corel Draw 2019

Posted By Adrian

The duplicate feature of Corel Draw 2019 is a powerful tool to allow you to align and distribute elements in your artwork in an fast and efficient way.

This feature is useful if you have repeated graphics, logos or text throughout your design. You can then duplicate the graphic at a specific offset to fill your work area. This tool can work in conjunction with

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Laser Engraving – A Profitable Process

Posted By Adrian

Laser Engraving is a well established process in heavy industry for marking and engraving tools, assets, products and many more. But it has only recently been adopted by start up business’ as a service to an end user and the general public. Laser engraving is a process which uses laser technology to engrave, cut or mark materials, using an intense beam of laser light.

Traditionally, engraving was

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Flexx Lasers Mean More Value

Posted By Adrian

Being ahead of the 8-ball is key to success in any business; this is also true for the laser industry. The Flexx laser technology allows your business to be one of those success stories.

This article will outline some

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